Livestock rearing in the Lunigiana

Craft cheese and meat

The Cormezzano livestock is made up of Friesians that were born and raised here, with calves reared naturally on their mothers’ milk and maturing in around three years. The cattle are fed on fresh fodder, natural cereals and sugar beet, with no added oestrogen or powdered proteins. Our prime objective is to maintain the taste and high quality that distinguish the hand-made cheeses and meats from our Lunigiana farm.

At the same time we rear a small herd of pigs that are born and raised here, fed on buttermilk and cereals from the farm, for the production of our vacuum-packed meats.

The care we devote to our livestock is reflected in the quality of our products. Furthermore, our fields are cultivated solely with our own by-products, and without pesticides, weed killers or other chemicals.